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I hesitated to even write this entry, as my dinner plan for this coming week is comprised of a ton of stuff from last week. Sometimes our house runs like a well-oiled if slightly cluttered machine… and other weeks it comes off the rails ever so slightly. This has been one of those weeks. Nothing terrible to report, just… well, life

C graduated from kindergarten this morning, which means summer vacation has officially arrived. We’re purposely not scheduling him for a ton of stuff this summer, being firm believers in boredom as a catalyst for really awesome moments of self discovery & imagination. Ask me a month from now how that’s going, having him underfoot 24/7…

It does mean that I’ll have an extra pair of hands in the kitchen, so I’m starting to brainstorm some dinners that C can help put together. For Christmas, I got him a nylon chef’s knife & one of Mollie Katzen’s excellent cookbooks written especially for children, so we’ll start there. He’s also a pretty dab hand at putting pizzas together & chopping veg, so I’m sure we’ll find lots of cool stuff to make as the summer heats up.

Meanwhile, this week’s list includes the Hoisin Tofu & Broccoli & Tuna with Nori Rice from last week, plus a re-heat on the excellent Black Bean Chili – I might do it casserole-style with a layer of cornbread baked over the top, if I can stand firing up the oven.

I won’t make it to the farmers’ market tomorrow (final soccer game of the season, if you must know), so the rest of the week will be light on new produce… I found a tub of home-made faux bolognese sauce in the freezer, so we’ll do Baked Polenta, Lasagne-Style, with some leftover spinach sauteed & layered with the sauce & cheese. There are lots of odds & ends in the crisper drawer that will make their way into a variation on Too-Hot-to-Cook Salad, & I suspect we’ll fire up the grill for not-dogs & burgers if we can dodge the scattered thunderstorms forecast for much of the week.

Not exactly a sexy installment of What’s for Dinner, but really, this is what it’s all about – not having exotic new dishes every night, but cooking with purpose. Sometimes the purpose is to have fun & try crazy new things. Sometimes it’s just to get through the week without resorting to dry cereal & peanut butter out of the jar.


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Good golly. This epic round of radio silence has been brought to you by me quitting my day job. Turns out, that’s a lot more work than one would think… I’m finally coming up for air & have a massive pile of posts/recipes/photos to share. Since I last posted, we’ve stopped buying sliced bread, eaten a ton of rogue salad, planted the Back Forty & picked our first tiny harvest of bush beans.

I’ve got this soap business to run, but have faith – I’ll have something new up for you every week from here on out. Heaven knows, I’ve got lots to write about… thanks for hanging in there.

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Well hey there.

Welcome to my shiny new outlet for the reverb from my 20+ year love affair with food. I’ve been a college cafeteria hash slinger, a short-order burger fryer, a barista, a caterer, a high-falootin’ pastry chef, a culinary tutor, a domestic engineer, & now I write about food as well as make it. At Butter & Eggs I’ll be posting from my arsenal of go-to recipes, sharing some of my more fantastic projects, showing you what we stock our pantry with & spotlighting the awesome local & independent businesses we support. Once the weather warms up, I’ll take you on a tour of our garden, too.

There will be macro photos of ingredients, a good bit of exposition on eating seasonally, & attempts to demystify a few challenging baking techniques. There will not be treatises on what hideously expensive Japanese knives to buy, how to host the perfect dinner party, or anything involving cupcake toppers. This is real food, made by me, eaten by my family & friends, & maybe cooked again by you, if you feel so inspired.

There’s more about my mission here.

Ready? Because I’ve got this amazing box of eggs to show you…

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Hello world!

Pardon the dust… I’ll be posting about food, baking techniques, local produce & grow-your-own in the weeks to come…

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